Cheapest Solar Bore pumps on the Sunshine Coast, supplied as a “do it yourself package” with pump, controller, panels, float for tank level control and probes for bore level control along with full instructions , or installed on site by our qualified installers.

Bore pumps can be typical impellor type or helical rotor type that have less flow but much better head heights and use minimal power.

All bore pumps come with the following-

·      3 year warranty.

·      SS housing and internals

·      Over current and under current protection

·      Soft start.

·      Automatic level control through tank floats or bore probes.

·      Ability to have battery back-up.

·      All solar panels.

·      Controller suitable for battery back-up.

·      Tank floats and bore probes.

·      Splice kit.

·      Duties available up to 160m head and flows up to 40l/m

·      5 x set speeds.

Free site inspection for pump sizing to your individual situation.

Solar Pumps are also available as- Pool Pumps and transfer pumps.